The writer who survived

In the world of orators,
There lived a writer
Quiet, reserved and unknown
Gratitude filled for his letter

He was happy in his own skin
Until the world questioned his existence
“He’s not like us and thus not normal,
Let us help or keep distance”

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As you see it

Life is tough. Living is tougher.

“Life throws us in abyss and nothing seems right. It’s dark and you just can’t find a way out. Suddenly, every aspect of your life becomes unstable”, he said. “Life, indeed, is tough”, I replied. “And living?”, I asked. “Oh dear, don’t even talk about it! It’s surviving, and not living, in such conditions!”. “My poor vocabulary”, I said. Living, indeed, is tougher- I thought.

I was just born and this was what I was told about life. It made me the see life as my enemy. C’mon! How can it put me in such abyss? After all, it is life that I came to live in this World. It’s so unfair. I had no choice but to live. Sorry, survive.

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